About Me

Picture this – it’s 2020, the world is in turmoil experiencing a crisis the likes of which has never been seen before, we, as a nation, head into lockdown along with much of the rest of the world, with the future and what it will bring a complete uncertainty. Then one day a delivery arrives on the doorstep, completely unexpected and unsolicited, inside the box is an unassuming brand-new air fryer. A gift from my dear mum – but what on earth am I meant to do with it??? I mean we like chips, but not this much, and isn’t that what you’re meant to cook in an air fryer?
This was where the journey started. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with this new kitchen gadget, and honestly when I turned to Google (we all do it) for some answers I wasn’t overly inspired by what I found. So, I began to experiment, and I haven’t stopped since.

Where it all began…
I’m not sure if I would be where I am today if the world hadn’t turned itself so completely upside down. In those early weeks and months of lockdown what was there to do other than experiment? And with not being able to get out and socialise in person turning to social media to share my journey, my recipes and my thoughts seemed to be the natural solution.
Now here we are just a few short years later and I have somehow grown a following of more than 150,000 people across my social platforms and that number continues to grow. My intention when I first started out was twofold – how could I reduce our household food waste, and how could I reduce the cost of cooking?
As I learnt more about my air fryer it looked like maybe it, along with my trusted slow cooker, was the answer to both parts of the problem. Did you know that when you cook using an air fryer you can often reduce the cooking time of the food versus some more traditional cooking methods, this can immediately cut down on energy used and therefore the cost of creating the same meal. Of course, as with all kitchen appliances the energy rating of each brand of air fryer and how efficient it is will vary – so if you’re going to invest make sure you do some research so you buy the right air fryer for your needs and aims.

The story continues…
My early adventures with the air fryer involved recipes where I was utilising leftovers – what delicious meals or snacks could I create out of leftover foods items that were potentially going to go to waste? Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, not every recipe turned out the way I expected or became a favourite, but the more I experimented the more I realised what a great kitchen gadget the air fryer truly is.
I will never proclaim to be a culinary expert, but I’ve always loved homecooked food and I’ve always enjoyed being able to share fun, healthy meals with my family. If you have looked at any of my recipes then you will have spotted that they all have something in common – simple ingredients, simple instructions, but a delicious outcome.

The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook and More…
In 2022 I was approached by Penguin Michael Joseph – did I want to create and publish a cookbook all about simple fun recipes that everyone can do with the air fryer. I didn’t need to be asked twice and in February 2023 my first cookbook was published – The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook, since then I have gone on to write two further cookbooks – The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook (published November 2023) and The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook: One Basket Meals (out November 2024).
The response I’ve had so far for my cookbooks has been phenomenal, with The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook reaching the number 1 spot on the Sunday Times best sellers list multiple times and spending more than 30 weeks in the top 10.
I have also been a guest on various national and local BBC radio shows including Radio 4, 5 Live and Late Night Becky, and I appeared on TV alongside Alexis Conran in three ITN Productions for Channel 5, see more details on those below.
What started out as a simple kitchen gadget that I had no idea what to do with it, beyond chips, has become this incredible fun, exciting journey. One thing that hasn’t changed through all of this is that original goal – reducing household food waste and reducing the cost of cooking, whilst producing the most delicious meals and snacks possible.
If you have tried any of my recipes, be that from the website or from one of my cookbooks then I would love to know what you thought to them. Pop me a message at contact@airfyeruk.com or tag me on your social media posts – I love to see my recipes in action.

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